Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located, what’s your opening hours?

We’re located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Our outlet address is No. 24A, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. We’re in the same row as McDonald’s Taman Tun, unit above 99 Speedmart. We can also be found on Waze with search terms ‘Purradise Cat Café’.

We’re open from 2pm – 9pm on Monday – Friday, 2pm – 10pm on Saturday, 11am – 7pm on Sunday.

How does it work, what do you serve?

It’s RM21 per person for the first hour, comes with a free drink, which you can choose from a wide range of selection from smoothies, coffee, tea, or chocolate. After the first hour, it is RM5 per person for every 15 minutes, only chargeable when the full 15 minutes is used. (e.g. 1 hour 10 minutes = 1 hour, 1 hour 20 minutes = 1 hour 15 minutes).

Every RM15 spent on ala-carte items gives extra 30 minutes (per person) in the café.

We serve sandwiches for food, feel free to check out our full menu here:

Do I need to make a reservation / booking?

Booking is not necessary, feel free to walk in anytime during our opening hours.

Are children allowed?

Yes children are allowed, though children must be accompanied by adult as supervision is necessary.

What are the rules?

Generally there are no rules, you may play, pet, carry, and interact with our cats. Feel free to do what the cat likes or allows, and don’t do what displeases them.

Without rules, how do you protect the cats?

We aim to educate, so rather than say what you cannot do. We teach you the proper way to touch or carry them, and what signs to look out for if they do not want certain interactions.

Where are the cats from?

Our cats are all rescues. They come from the streets, pet shelters, pet fosterers and rescuers.

Are the cats adoptable?

Yes, and adoption is free. Applicants will need to be interviewed by us to ensure the cat they want suits their household/family.

Not all cats are up for adoption. Certain cats have identified the café as their ‘home’, and they have formed close bonds with their fellow furry friends. Removing any one of these cats from this group will disrupt their group dynamics. Moreover, this group of cats have formed a ‘core group’ that stabilizes the environment within the café, this will enable smoother integration of new cats, in order to minimize their stress levels.

Can I bring my cat?

Unfortunately no. They will likely fight as cats are very territorial and take time to get used to each other.

Can we feed the cats?

Sorry but we do not allow you to feed the cats as we strictly control their diet. We do however have random treat times, if you’re around at treat time, we give you treats to feed them.

Are the cats friendly?

Yes, most of the cats are very friendly to people. There are a few cats which are more shy or timid, so use a more gentle approach.


Are the cats spayed/neutered/vaccinated?

Yes, the cats are all spayed, neutered and vaccinated

Why do you spay/neuter the cats?

Spaying/neutering will improve their behavior as they no longer mark territory and male cats are a lot less aggressive/territorial. There are also already a lot of cats/kittens out on the streets and many die from malnourishment and accidents. We do not want to add more cats to shelters which are already overcrowded

Are the cats declawed?

No, declawing is very painful and bad for the cat. It is the equivalent of removing the tip of your finger.


Do the cats use the tree/clouds/walkways/etc?

Yes they do. Different cats have different personalities and preferences. Some like to climb up high, some like to stay on the ground. The outlet is designed to cater to both.

How do you manage the well-being of the cats?

The outlet is designed with places for them to hide away from people’s attention. If a cat is tired of human interaction, it will hide on its own to rest. They are also fed twice a day with a completely balanced raw meat diet.

Do the cats fight?

On occasion, it’s normally just a short while because a cat crossed a boundary with another cat. Major fights rarely happen.

Where do the cats go at night? Are they caged?

The cats freely roam the outlet at night as they do in the day. The outlet is their home which makes them feel more comfortable and confident when customers come in.


Why did you open the cat café/What’s the objective of the café?

The café exists to promote the healthy well-being of cats. This is achieved by showing how clean & friendly cats can be in the right environment with the right diet.

Its also a place for people foster a love for cats and give more exposure to these rescued cats, which in turn should increase the demand for cats in homes and increase the adoption rate of rescued cats.

Money earned from sales is channeled back into supporting cat rescue activities such as TNR (Trap, Neuter & Release), fostering & rehoming, etc.