Have you seen a cat use a frying pan?

In the wild, cats do not fry, roast or boil their prey before consumption. They hunt and eat their prey freshly killed! Cooking destroys nutrients for the cat. As obligate carnivores, nature has designed their bodies to handle live prey, that means they can absorb nutrients best from raw meat and have a highly acidic stomach that protects them from bacteria.

While hunting live prey is the best for our cats, it would be dangerous to allow them to do so in an urban environment. Which is why commercial cat food in the form of dry kibble or canned exists, it’s advertised as having all the nutrients a cat needs in an easy-to-serve package. However, it is far from a healthy option.

Problems with Dry and Canned food


Carbohydrates like grain, rice, corn, potato, etc. are not well digested by your cat. It is also the leading cause of feline diabetes and obesity.

Poor Protein

Good quality protein is hardly found in commercial pet food. You will often see protein listed as "by-products" or "digest" which suggests that its left-overs which are used, not fresh parts of the meat.


Commercial pet foods are often loaded with artificlal flavourings and preservatives. This is used to trick your cat into thinking it is food, otherwise they would not eat it.

Water %

Cats are from the desert, so they do not feel thirsty easily even if their body needs the water. They get most of their water from raw meat which is about 70% water. When fed a dry food diet, cats never drink enough water, which leads to kidney disease.

Yikes, that sounds bad! So what should we feed them?

A balanced RAW diet


Fresh and natural, high-quality protein ensures better nutrition which leads to better health


No artificial flavourings or preservatives! This eliminates any health issues arising from artificial additives.


Better digestion also means your cat gets the most nutrition and energy out of their food. Your furry one will be more playful and active!


With most of the food being absorbed by the cat, their output becomes dry and odourless. Cleaning the litterbox will be much more pleasant.

Wow! So where can I get a balanced raw diet for my cat?

Introducing RAWR by Purradise

RAWR is a balanced raw diet which is currently being fed to the cats at Purradise Cat Cafe. It’s made from 100% natural high-quality protein from fresh chicken leg, with bone, liver & heart grinded in to the appropriate ratios for a nutritionally balanced meal.

On top of that, RAWR is supplemented with Taurine (an essential amino acid for cats), salmon oil for a soft shiny coat, and multi-vitamins for a complete nutrition to a cat’s dietary needs.

All our ingredients are human-grade. No grains, fillers, artificial flavourings and preservatives are added to RAWR. We strongly believe in feeding the healthiest and safest food to all cats

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe to feed raw meat?

    Yes! It is what nature has designed their bodies to handle. The cat's highly acidic stomach kills harmful bacteria.

    The cats at Purradise Cat Cafe have been fed this raw diet for over a year, they are very healthy! Come take a look for yourself :)

  2. What about parasites in the meat?

    We freeze the processed raw meat for 48 hours to kill any parasites in the meat

  3. What do you mean by "Human Grade" meat or supplements

    By specifying we use "Human Grade" meat or supplements you know that our ingredients have passed the strict tests and regulations to allow them to be fit for human consumption.

    Ingredients not listed as human-grade may not meet the necessary health and safety regulations, which means it may also be harmful to your pet.

More Questions?